Princess of Hong Kong Amazing Jaklin

Tips for enjoying yourself in Hong Kong

Hong Kong can be a lonely place if you allow it to be. I should know. My goal is to make sure that you don’t get bored, not even for a moment. HK escorts can cater to your every whim. This is a chance to forget about the stress you have been under...

Pros and Cons of being an independent escort

Planning to quit working at an agency, or starting out as an Independent Escort?

It is exciting to cut loose and begin to work independently for yourself, you get the advantage and flexibility of working according to your will.

You get to choose...

Hong Kong Nightlife

Thinking of visiting Hong Kong?

You have made a great choice!

Hong Kong is a place with an array of options to visit and have a great time to relax and enjoy.

You would experience a lot of new things and also the culture and life which would make...

7 Important tips from a successful independent escort

Being an independent escort is great but I have to compete with other escorts who are in the same area and not to forget the big escort agencies.

Especially in a place like Hong Kong where the competition is so high.

Although it's a tough job, I...

5 things I like about men

One: Men get sexy with age

I have no reservations against older men. Instead I feel they get hot and sexier with age. Matured men have a class of their own and distinguished characteristics that add a very sexy edge to them. We women on the other hand...