Princess of Hong Kong Amazing Jaklin

5 things I like about men

One: Men get sexy with age

I have no reservations against older men. Instead I feel they get hot and sexier with age. Matured men have a class of their own and distinguished characteristics that add a very sexy edge to them. We women on the other hand age faster than men inspite of our over the counter anti-aging creams or sometimes even with those recommended by dermatologists. It’s all because of the male hormones, which we women can only envy, but can’t do anything about it. Grey hair, a moustache etc. only add character to a man, not age, it’s their luck, but it draws women to them, especially one like me.

Two: Baldies

Many women are put off by baldies. But seriously I love baldies, they are just the kind, who appeal to me and I’m into them seriously. I love to play with their bald heads and this act takes me to the height of intoxication, which catches onto them too and we both have a merry time together. A man with long hair can be stolen by other ladies, while a bald man will be sincere to you and feel obliged because you have agreed to go out with him.

Three: The Voice

A deep manly voice appeals to me a lot. I love a man with a deep manly voice, as he’s above the top for me. A manly voice takes me to a high of another kind and gives me shivers under my spine. Hence I prefer talking over the phone, rather than emailing.

Four: The Stubble

By now you must have understood that I’m a unique lady, everything that puts off other women is appreciated by me. I love stubbles and it takes me to seventh heaven, so you know what to expect.

Five: The Boyfriend Experience

Any girl who has just broken up from her boyfriend recently can tell you how she feels if you were to meet one. How she misses the DIY tasks that he used to do for her? Like fixing the car, changing the oil in the car, fixing a wobbling table etc. Women too can do these tasks, but like to allocate it to someone else, like for example her boyfriend. In my case I’m just the opposite, I can do all these tasks for you while giving sensuous moments in the bedroom along with it. So wouldn’t it be a twin advantage if this is the scenario.

So what do you say? A sexy diva who loves all those things, which other women are put off by, that is me Independent Escort HK - Jaklin. If you want my high class HK escort services, just give me a call anytime on this number: (+86) 18601785198 and I would love to hear your voice, so for what are you waiting for? Just pick up that phone and call.