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7 Important tips from a successful independent escort

Being an independent escort is great but I have to compete with other escorts who are in the same area and not to forget the big escort agencies.

Especially in a place like Hong Kong where the competition is so high.

Although it's a tough job, I have experienced a lot of trial and error and it turns out that it is rather not that hard to be successful if you take care of some important things.

Looking pretty and knowing the job well is one thing but promoting yourself the right way is the thing that would change the game for you.

How you present yourself is the first thing a prospective client would notice and would decide whether to meet you or some other escort.

From my experience, I have compiled these 7 tips that would help you as an independent escort to compete and be the best!

1. Physically fit:

Keeping yourself physically fit should be the first priority, I am not saying that you should have that perfect figure but you should always improve yourself.

You should get in shape and work on your vital stats.

The first thing a client notice is your body and he expects it to be fit and toned, I strongly encourage you to hit the gym and also put some attention to cardio as this would increase your endurance and stamina.

2. Picture perfect:

As mentioned in the above point all your hard work to get that perfect body should be shown but in the perfect way.

Take pictures, a lot of them but use only the ones that you think are best.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a photoshoot done for your profile; all you need is a good backdrop and a good camera.

Your pictures do not need to be nude or pornographic but it's a good idea to show off your stats to make your profile more eye-catching.

3. Smile:

Your biggest asset is your smile, its a myth that many escorts have that posting pictures which are lusty and too revealing are better, they think that it would attract more customers and increase their business.

It’s totally opposite in the real world.

Your clients are looking for a companion with whom they can spend some quality time with.

A smiling picture says a lot about your personality as it depicts what sort of a person are you.

4. A positive attitude:

Your physical appearance, your smile, and your picture would surely help you converting a client but now that you have a meeting with him there are some more things that you have to take care of.

one of them is having a positive attitude.

You would have a conversation with your client which would include expressing yourself as a person and talking about things that you like or not.

Nobody likes someone who is negative and keeps on whining about stuff.

Your client expects you to be an enthusiastic and fun to be a girl, showing passion in what she does and loves to be around people.

5. Be Confident:

Having a positive attitude is great but you need to show confidence too.

A woman who is confident translates to be sexy. Men like this in a women and find it more attractive.

I understand it would be hard to show your confidence if you are just starting out with the job.

I recommend to fake it till you are genuinely confident as its the best way to learn.

6. Communication skills:

Your communication skills can make or break your escort career.

After the booking, you should be prompt in replying and being in touch with your client.

He should see your enthusiasm which can be shown through your conversations with him.

Talk about the place and what he should expect and also about the rules if you have them.

Which brings me to the next point

7. Be clear about your services:

Your client’s happiness is of paramount and so is yours!

If you are happy and have a great attitude you would be able to deliver to your clients.

when you have clients those have met you before they understand you and you understand them and what's better is you understand each other's needs.

The difference is with the new clients that you meet, it's better to be clear with them about your services and what you would be comfortable with.

This would help both you and your client to have a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

These are the points that I follow in my escorting career to help better myself and also have clients who are happy with the services I offer.

These tips can be followed by anyone who is new or someone who is trying to better herself.