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Pros and Cons of being an independent escort

Planning to quit working at an agency, or starting out as an Independent Escort?

It is exciting to cut loose and begin to work independently for yourself, you get the advantage and flexibility of working according to your will.

You get to choose the time, place and also the clients that you want to spend time with.

Being in the industry for quite a long time and having an experience as an independent escort I have learned and experienced a lot of stuff that I would like to share with you.

It is a long road and although it has its own perks you might have some difficulties that you would face but gradually you would learn to tackle them with ease and grace.

Following are some pros and cons you should be aware of before starting as an independent escort.

Pick your clients


when you are an independent escort you choose and screen your clients by yourself. It's up to you to do a check of the client and then decide whether or not to pursue the meeting and go ahead with the job.


when associated with an agency, it's their job to conduct the check and determine if the client is ok to meet with.

Hotels / in-call expense


You choose the place you want to meet your client and spend time with. The cost is beard by you and is on you where you want to have the meet with your client.


Agencies bear the cost for any hotels or places that are booked for meeting with the client.

Finding a location


You should have a discrete location where you offer your services, most clients prefer to have locations which are not public and feel reliable and safe If you manage to find a place which is both affordable and discrete you can save a ton for money on your cost for in-call clients.


Agencies often have places which they use for such encounters between clients and escorts it's their responsibility to look after the expenses

Marketing and advertising


You can start off your escort career as an independent by having a website created and posting your pictures with your description and services you offer. You have a lot of liberty and control over your profile and how you want to present it.


Agencies have their own website which is already popular and have prospective clients visiting it. You loose a lot of options and clients as they have much more people visiting their site than yours.



When you find your own clients you also get a chance to have prior communication with them and get to know them. Clients often like when they talk directly to the girl they are planning to meet and avoid any middleman.


All your communication with the client is taken care by an agency so you can work on the things that you are better at and avoid wasting time.



You receive the entire payment of the services you offer, as there is no middleman or agency and you are not bound to give them a cut.


Although there is no one to share your payment with but you bear the expenses which were otherwise taken care of by the agency.

There are a lot of things that you have to consider before starting as an Independent escort some which would be difficult for you but worth the hard work when you become more experienced and are self-dependent.

I prefer to work as an independent escort as it gives me more freedom on how I do my work and I don’t have to please my boss just to keep my job or get more clients.